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Childs Face protection, Face mask, Sneeze Guard, virus guard. Age 10 -14 approx. full cover 3+ layers.

Childs Face protection, Face mask, Sneeze Guard, virus guard. Age 10 -14 approx. full cover 3+ layers.

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Here's a face mask for the middling members of the family, these just like the adult version have interlined fronts and folded inners with space for extra filtration... Supplied with one extra filter ( j cloth type). These should fit from ages around  or 9 or 10. .. Made from tightly woven cotton or poly cotton.these can be washed at up to 60 degrees. They have the addition of a nose wire to keep them snug to the face.

 smaller size available here....


These masks fit closely around the face having an under chin flap and  the addition of a removable nose wire,

This means without any additional filters our masks have 4 layers of fabric, 1 cotton with bonded lining  and 2 cotton overlapping inside then with additional j cloth or paper filters you have upto 5 layers of protection...

Now the disclaimer, this is NOT surgical grade PPE, it will NOT prevent  you from Catching Covid 19 it should not be relied on to keep you safe, wash your hands, do not touch your face, do not cough or sneeze in anothers vicinity, keep to the safe distancing guides. practising these guidelines are the best and proven truths.

This mask is aimed more as a sneeze stopper and it should be washed after every use.

We tried the candle test and it proved almost impossible to even move the flame, we certainly couldn't blow it out.. ( this was without any additional filters. purely the mask only)

Choose from

Scotty: Royal blue polycotton with black patterned scotty dogs.

Sunburst: powder blue 100% cotton with bright sun emblems,

Campo: Bright red 100% cotton with colourful campervans

London Calling: White poly cotton with London busses and city emblems

Foxed: Navy Polycotton with colourful foxes and trees.

these items are ready made and postage for such will be £2.00 within the UK

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