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Full cover, 3 + layered Deluxe Face mask, ladies, face protection, sneeze guard.

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As  we are now required to wear some sort of protection for ourselves and others when we step outside, ( mandatory in Doctors surgeries and on public transport and now all shops from the 24th of July) I've  created this line of Deluxe face masks, using  tightly woven 100% cotton or polycotton fabrics with a non woven interfacing. I've left a pocket within to enable the wearer to add in even more protection in the form of more non woven filters these can be as simple as a layer of kitchen roll or coffee filter, ( disposable) I have included a removable filter ( j cloth Type) and this too can be washed  at up to 60 degrees,

These masks fit closely around the face having an under chin flap and  the addition of a removable nose wire, the wire on the bridge of the nose  is mouldable ensuring the mask fits snugly to the face  making the likelihood of your glasses NOT fogging up ( if you wear them,) our customers love our masks because of this.

This means without any additional filters our masks have 4 layers of fabric across the nose, 1 cotton with bonded lining  and 2 cotton overlapping inside then with additional j cloth or paper filters you have up to 5 layers of protection...

We tried the candle test and it proved almost impossible to even move the flame, we certainly couldn't blow it out.. ( this was without any additional filters. purely the mask only)

Now the disclaimer, this is NOT surgical grade PPE, it will NOT prevent  you from Catching Covid 19 it should not be relied on to keep you safe, wash your hands, do not touch your face, do not cough or sneeze in anothers vicinity, keep to the safe distancing guides. 

These are compliant with the EU and WHO guidelines

This mask  should be washed after every use. It is advantageous to have 2 or more mask so you always have a clean one to hand. 

For obvious reasons we cannot show each and every mask on the dummy or a human model ( Mindy the bust hasn't got decent sticking out ears lol)

choose from

Fresh Daisy: 100% cotton in green with daisies on,

Oceanic, 100% cotton, batik style in  turquoise  blues and greens

Flash Harry: 100% purple cotton with white Hogwarts logos, harry potter inspired fabric.

Honeydukes: Harry potter inspired 100% cotton with frogs and honey-dukes logo.

Crest (Hogwarts) 100% red cotton with the Hogwarts crest in multi colours

Potions: Harry potter inspired fabric 100% cotton with periwinkle blue background and denim blue cauldrons

Amelia: Bright red and pink flowers on a white back ground 100% cotton

Bertie Botts:  Harry potter inspired fabric with coloured jelly beans on a white 100% cotton back ground. 

Liberty: tana lawn liberty print in dark green and blue, 100% cotton

Dotty : royal blue with white polka dots 100% cotton

Soft Stars: tiny cream stars on soft grey 100% cotton

Soft Heart: soft grey 100% cotton with cream hearts, (lined with soft stars fabric)

Dotty L : lilac  100% cotton drill with white polka dots

Basic Black: 100% black cotton with black elastic.

Fresh grey : cream blossoms on grey background 100% cotton

Polly : multi coloured  abstract blooms on 100% white drill cotton

Lillian: soft lavender 100% drill cotton with white etched poppy seed blooms.

Paladin: fresh powder blue with blowsy roses 100% cotton

Rebecca: black background with peachy roses, Polycotton

Hogwarts: colourful 100% cotton with all the house names

Delphine: blue and white flowered 100% cotton

Candice : navy blue cotton with dusky pink and red roses.

Gothic Roses : red cotton with skulls and roses.

Summer Garden: 100% polished cotton with lilac, pink and green flowers

Chrysanthemum: 100% black cotton background with golden blooms on, & black elastics,

Romance: soft beige 100% cotton with stylised flowers in browns pinks and creams

Homespun: vintage feeling 100% coffee coloured cotton with dainty cream  flowers.

Twilight Garden: royal blue 100% cotton background with  hot pink roses.

Poppy Field: bold red poppies on 100% black cotton background

Candy stripe: bright bold fine coloured stripes on white  100% cotton back ground

 Dumbledores Army: HP inspired white fabric with character names in burgundy 100% cotton

Gothique : black 100% cotton with grey skulls & flora

Hogwarts blue: Hogwarts crest shape in 100% cotton white on blue fabric.

Monique: tiny black flowers  on 100% white cotton

Ravenclaw: blue 100% HP house inspired fabric,

Blue Cranes: 100% Japanese cotton with chrysanthemums and cranes in blue tones

Hot Flowers: hot pink 100% cotton with flowers in citrus colours

Skulls & Roses: black 100% cotton with white skulls and red roses.



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