Phoenix Designs

 We Ship Worldwide. In light of Covid 19 we will restrict our posting days to Mondays,  Wednesdays and Fridays  until further notice.

Welcome to Phoenix Designs


Handmade in the Midlands

The term Cottage Industry applies here, working from our home we create and design  wearable clothing with quirks and twists everywhere, if we can bling it we  will, if we can add ribbons we do! We spend our time creating unusual and affordable items for you and your family.

I found my passion for colour, detail and texture many, many years ago in Art College, where I couldn't resist adding gold inks and paints to all my paintings, glitter and twinkle to anything, texture wherever I could, this has carried on with my love of fabrics  and yarns, creating clothing for myself from a very, very early age .. I made my first skirt in primary school while all the other kids were making finger puppets.

 As a teen I was very fortunate to live next door to a classically trained tailoress and she took me under her wing showing me many tricks of the trade,  I took needlework in the 6th form just to fill in my time and passed a 2 year course in just 6 months so you could say its in my blood.   I learnt machine knitting at my mothers knee and by age 10 I was knitting my own clothing, by 14 I had saved enough cash from my Saturday job to buy my own machine... In my 20's I had my own high street shop selling rag dolls, and story book quilts, I've always found ways to sell my wares and  while my children were young, I made everything for them from PJs to party wear, at the same time doing the rounds at craft fairs and country shows with them in tow. This was way before the days of online selling, Face book, twitter, amazon and etsy, and now the story continues  my son is the knitter and can whip up a Harry Potter scarf in no time, my girls are my models,  & my mother still helps us create our knitwear in busy times, keeping the family business going.


Unique, Affordable & Fashionable Designs

We strive to break the mould from the standard "run of the mill" items you'd find on the high st. Many of our Items are One of a Kind!

Why follow trends when you can set them!

 Our customers report back on the many lovely comments they always get when wearing one of our creations.

You can always talk to us too about something you would love to have made, We love creating individual made to order items and would welcome the challenge of bringing your ideas and designs to fruition.

We love to recycle, up cycle, make over and make new, lots of our yarn is purchased from estate sales, stash busting clear outs and de-cluttering events, saving it from landfill or incineration, we love to take something  old and give it a new lease of life, many of our knitting machines could be considered vintage, as could our beloved sewing machines, I love it when some one clears out the attic and gifts us a bundle of vintage laces or carefully preserved retro fabrics, we always try and state where our products have come from when necessary, this in turn enables us to pass on our good fortune to the customer in more affordable goods,


Colour, Texture & Detail

We aim to bring colour into everyday wear, bling to ordinary things, texture where texture isn't always found. We have literally millions of beads, buttons, ribbons and laces sourced from all around the world, stored for many years until such a time as they will be useful. and being such a collector there's always new interesting and inspiring  baubles to be found on my rummagings and holiday forays.

Our childrens sweaters and jumpers are made with entertainment value, kids like to twiddle, fiddle, pull and play so with this in mind we love to add as much "SAFE" detailing as we can.  Ribbons are always double or triple stitched, if beads or buttons are added they are glued with fabric glue before stitching, we also strive to make everything easy to put on and equally easy to launder, mums don't want to be hand washing a child's favourite jumper every week so wherever we can all our clothing is machine washable.

Our beads and jewellery components are sourced from far and wide, I have treasures in my stash from Hong Kong and the states brought back personally by myself and friends. we try to use good quality wherever we can, but as with everything else I'm a sucker for an eBay, shpock or gum tree bargain. again this allows us to pass on our good fortune and keep our prices down. making even our jewellery affordable.

As ever I'm always trying new things and recently I've found a passion for candle making,  so far we've created melts, and candles in 17 fragrances with more to be added along the way, find them in their very own collection.