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Bank Holiday weekend,

Wasn't this weekend fantastic, Here in the UK we've had temperatures reaching right up to 28 degrees. Clear bluer than blue skies and endless sunshine. I love this kind of weather, it makes everything just look so much better and brighter, it makes people smile more especially when its teamed with a long weekend, it gives every one chance to kick back, relax, unwind and play hooky legitimately except me! Working from home means I never step away from it, its habit, its what I am and what I do...I just can't do it!

I'm not complaining.. I love my job, I love the flexibility of it, I can get up at midday if I want to, I can go to bed at 2 am if I want to, nip to the shops, go for a coffee with friends, have someone over for lunch, or if truth be told just watch TV all day.  Not that it happens very often  as everyone else is doing the 9-5 thing... and I'd soon get too bored just sitting.

Usually my day consists of getting up somewhere around 8 clearing the debris in the kitchen of the whirlwind that is my family as they all depart for their respective jobs, school or Uni, grabbing a coffee and seeing whats gone on in Face book land, instagram and pinterest, check the store and my e-mails and usually share something from the website on all platforms, this weekend the mornings haven't been much different, the morning routine happened as it usually does  on Saturday but  then instead of  getting on with sewing, crocheting or knitting, I headed over to Mums with a bag full of newly created goodies to photograph, this  trip was not only to see mum of course but to meet up with my ( still ) hubby and best friend Steve, He wanted to service my car before I head off "darn south" to Urchfont, Devizes and Andover next weekend to my Nephews wedding.

Now on arriving she was nowhere to be seen, Steve was busy working away on His car (that was my other car, the one he borrowed last year and well lets just say I'm not going to be getting it back anytime soon if ever, I think he's spent more on it and its little  and increasingly bigger problems than I did when I bought it, so mark that one down for posterity), any how mum was no where to be seen and slight panic set in,.. where had she gone ??? she's such a  creature of habit for her not to be at home on Saturday was a mystery, we didn't have long to wait when she tootled up in her little Ka and promptly plonked it on the grass, ( the drive was full  of 2 cars in bits by this point) She'd been to morrisons knowing Steve would be around to lift the huge bags of compost out of the boot for her,

I was dispatched off to walk the dog as poor Alfie Boe had missed out earlier,  I didn't get a "how are you or what have you been up to"? bearing in mind I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks nor has she phoned me or I her ( bad daughter) so Alfie and I headed off down the canal, poo bags in hand and extendable lead firmly attached... I was set for a good half an hour or so stroll but no Mr wasn't having any of it.. I suppose he's not used to  much more than a trip round the block with mum and her stroller, so half way down the canal  he stopped and turned round did a second poo and headed home, now here comes the yukky part my sharp and long fingernails went through the poo bag as I was trying to slow him down and pick up said mess.. eww. so lets just say we came home a lot quicker than we set out.

Hands and nails scrubbed and disinfected I finally got time in mum's garden photoing my goodies, soaking up some gorgeous rays, nattering and generally catching up.


By this time my car was finished  all serviced and put back together oil filters and air filters changed, so I came home and listed all these beauties, then sat crocheting outside until it got dark.

Sunday Morning I was up with the larks, Sunshine and hot weather will do that to a gal, I cannot slob in bed when the weather is so wonderful, ( unlike my kids) after the usual morning ritual, lots of washing through the machine and on the line, I drew out and tweaked a new pattern for  loose dungarees or rompers, whichever name you want to call them  and ironed the fabric I wanted to use for them, it was one of those bits where whoever had cut it in the shop couldn't cut a straight line for toffee  so it was folded all askew and the selvages ran off at angles, So  using an old trick Miss Elsie taught me I ripped a strip off both ends and re ironed it. perfectly aligned I cut out my fabric and put it to one side,

As I'm off darn South for the weekend we can't celebrate Steves Birthday. We decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather and spent the afternoon and evening barbecuing stuffing our faces, listening to music and generally indulging and imbibing, chatting laughing and singing.. needless to say Steve was too Squiffy to drive home !!! I on the other hand was sober enough to change bedding and make up the spare room  for our guests to sleep in.....

Steve was up by 5 and off back  to his home ( he works early morning shifts and is usually at work by around 4 am eek... to early for me and after his boozy night I'm amazed he did it.) I heard his car drive through the archway under my bedroom. ( one of the many quirks of this old Pub that is our house) I  however did manage to slob and snooze for a few hours more.

Monday Afternoon I got to sew up the dungarees and I must say I'm pretty pleased, for a first run through, I could have pattern matched better and the top could go a little narrower but they are all  fixable for the next batch,

So now they are available in the store at a little bit of a reduction as they are the very first pair, and lets say as for winding down relaxing and kicking back this Bank Holiday, I did try honestly :)




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