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fantastic weather n crop tops,

Well folks I'm back, where have you been I  hear you cry.????? ...........Ahh 26 days in sunny Spain, where my intention was to blog about the sights the inspiration and such.. Well not having a lap top with me proved to be my down fall, trying to blog from a phone when the sun is so bright you can hardly see the screen is a serious hardship lol, so I shelved that idea, and  just took in the glorious sun, the beautiful places and the sometimes not so heavenly bodies, put people on a beach in the sun and anything goes,

For all the people who like me don't feel comfortable shedding the layers and showing the wobbly bits there's 10 who do and I say yeay to them, perhaps next year I may just bite the bullet and buy a bikini.. or seriously loose the  24 year old baby belly whichever..

So what inspiration did I garner this time.. Well to be brutally honest not so much, we hit the markets, we trolled the malls, we people watched from all number of bars and cafes, and when its hot a lot gets thrown off..... The main staple rule is definitely less is more lol.. shorts of course are worn by the young and old,  short, tall, chunky or svelte, gender neutral, age defying.. you cant go wrong with shorts, they stop the thigh chafe OOOHHH..eek. and keep you relatively cool. AAannd if they are baggy enough they can look like a skirt.. yes shorts are a must.
Vest tops, yes they are a godsend, dressed up or down a bit of bling for  the evening out and you can get away with a vest .. but one thing I did come away with were these gorgeous little short cotton tops, my daughter Holly bought one in Pull & Bear reduced from a whopping 25 euros.. to a more reasonable price.......... so me being me took one look at it and thought hmm  I can do that better, nicer and cheaper so on my return that's the first thing I did and for the past 2 weeks I've been playing around sizing them up and down so now we have them in kiddie sizes and adult sizes working all the way up to me size,
Now  having said that we go back to the wobbly bit issue and while I am making then to fit my size I WONT be playing model but there are lots of lovely bountiful ladies who would look absolutely adorable and gorgeous in one,  and I'm sure one will come forward and do the honors, but for now I'm making the kiddie ones and hopefully I can persuade someone to do that, while Holly and Rose are generally willing for the most part, they can't model everything for me, so either I have to wait for grand kids or go entrap and entice them from the street,  (muhaa ha ha .. rubs hands together gleefully).........No seriously tho I am always on the scout for willing bodies to prance and pose for a moment or two.
so for now the sewing continues as does this glorious weather there's more being added daily I'm genuinely loving making them at the moment, so if you want one hop over to the newest listings and take your pick.. if you can get one as Holly, Rosie and their friends are nabbing them as quickly as I make them.!

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