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Long time no Blog..

Hellooooo, well its certainly been quite a time since I last struck the key board, whats new... lots and not so much in the same  breath, you may have noticed we've added candles into the mix, this is an absolute gift, I'm really loving experimenting with wax, colour glitter, and scents. and they are selling soo well, my kitchen and indeed the rest of the house permanently smells gorgeous, everybody who comes into the office comments how wonderful it smells.

How did this happen.. its been quite organic actually, it came about from a desire to ditch the plastics as much as possible, so I was gifted lots of beeswax and out of the scraps from my dressmaking I created the beeswax wraps, these have been very popular locally and I can say I personally am still using my original batch without having to re wax them thats about 8 or 9 months of regular use, they really do work and I'm so pleased to have stumbled across that little gem, how do they work, they are prefect for wrapping that hunk of cheese or half an apple without reaching for the tin foil or cling film.. they are re usable, bio degradable, and they do save money in the long run, the heat of your hands helps mould and shape them around the fruit or other food you want to preserve, and the beauty of it is you can wipe them over with a damp cloth and re use them time and time again, there's lots more information on the actual listings for them all,


So how did this lead to candles.. As I said I was gifted a big amount of beeswax and of course being a big candle/ melt user I thought it was a great idea to make some scented candles... yeh I jumped in at the deep end.. chucked a batch of wax in the double boiler, threw in some  essential oils and bought some wooden wicks thinking I'll be so organic and natural with all this... ha ha little did I know.. they split, they cracked, they sunk, they didn't give off a good scent  and the wicks went out.. what a disaster, my neighbour was playing around at the exact same time and after many gins and swapping of wax and wicks we both decided we were not going to get the desired effects. Then just before Christmas I thought I'd try again I decided to invest in soy wax, cotton wicks and fragrance oils and I hit the net, read and read and watched many You Tube tutorials, to be honest the amount I spent on all this was only what I would have spent on 4 or 5 big Yankee candles which I have done for the last few years around every Christmas,  I played, had fun, made a nice little batch of candles for gifts for all my family and  friends, Christmas came and went and so did a very boozy new year and  when we'd all recovered from that, the verdict was in. Everybody loved them, the cold throw was good the hot throw good, they burned well and everybody was asking for more... so the beeswax is still on the shelf but the soy wax is coming and going with great rapidity. and get me using all the technical terms. Who knew what HT, CT, wicking up/ down all the different blends of wax and FO (Fragrance oils) EO (Essential Oils) CLP, (classification,labelling & packaging) safety labels and such were, certainly not me when I set out, I must admit I'm still learning but I have by the same token  expanded my candle knowledge by 1000%.. WOW ITS AMAZING..

The postie hates it when I take delivery of 22kg boxes of wax eek which so far is turning out to be around every 5 weeks but I think as the year moves on this may become more frequent, its a good job shes a candle lover, I keep her sweet with little gifts every now and then  lol... but I must say I'm so addicted to making  candles and melts now my office is overflowing ( not that it wasn't before ha ha) as is the hallway and the living room.. I really have to tear myself away and make something else, but not today I'm about to pour 2 new fragrances, wrap last nights new batches, re jig the collections and research sizzling salts.... yes another way to get fragrance into the home so keep watching  there's new fragrances and new stuff coming all the time...


you can find all of our  candles melts and diffusers in the collection.




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