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Oops I did it again...!

Those of you who know me personally will understand  just what I've gone and done again, I've been on a rescue mission, Now my rescue missions are somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me, they usually involve travelling, the exchange of cash and of course the receipt of something I deem wonderful. Some times it involves saving a knitting or sewing machine some times its fabric or yarn,

This weeks rescue mission involves 85 cones of yarn! OK so I probably have about 1000 cones already and I probably will never use all of them in my life time but I'm going to have a jolly good try,  I have used 3 of the new ones today, (3 gorgeous pashminas in fantastic and unusual yarns and colours) but this time I've fallen on a bargain, lots of still in wrapper full cones with bands still attached, the likes of Atkinsons yarns from nearby Wigston.. (sadly no longer with us,) lots of Uppingham specials (these tend to be oddities no names but often Shetland, lambswool, cotton or something equally lovely) Shamal yarns by Forsel, Bramwell yarns, Yeoman and some even from my home town of Bradford, 

Now considering a new cone of yarn hot off the shelf runs to about £10+ per 500g. you can do the math homework yourself to work out just how much of a bargain this is... and now my friends you'll understand how come my prices are relatively low,

The trouble is these days the availability is just not there, I grew up in and around Bradford the home of the woolen textile industry, spinning and weaving was the local trade, gaining access to knitting yarns and fabrics was easy, but nowadays these industries just don't exist wool shops are few and far between and factory shops are even scarcer, and knitting machine yarn is somewhat hard come by ( cheaply anyway) so I now feel compelled, nay obliged to buy up the bargains I find on Ebay, etc.

Now on for part 2 and 3 these pale by comparison but once again super bargains  a huge stash of ribbons and laces for a measly £10 and a bundle of material for £8.00 now these two are not as exciting I know but they all add to the plethora of goodies in my already bulging house, Don't get me wrong these treasures will not be stored and stashed for a long time, forgotten and saved for a rainy day ( or when the world comes to an end!) they will be used, they will be cut up, they will be sewn, stitched, knit, crocheted, twisted, adorned, beaded, and generally appreciated.

I am an obsessive  and an addict, I admit it, but I like to think its a healthy obsession  a harmless obsession and a somewhat relatively cheap one... my secret.. I limit my spending to under £100 for a big haul, ( usually a splurge every couple of months and usually in the winter months) How do I do it.... I trawl Facebook marketplace, Facebook selling sites, Ebay, Gumtree and any other selling platforms, my friends know I'm always on the look out for a good craft de-stash and often let me have first pick.. I've been lucky over the years... I hope I continue to be lucky, I will not give up.. yes sometimes I think I'm getting to be like those  trapped in hoarders but no.. my capacity to be generous and give away things I'm never going to use is still with me, my ability to create and let go is still there, but goodness help my kids when I do eventually croak they will have to find good homes for all my machines and hoard of wool and fabric or I WILL haunt them LOL.


  • I’m unsure Caroline, but the 4 cones I’ve knit up so far have zinged through, and with a little digging Atkinson yarns last set of accounts published is 1986 so I would presume some time before then.. and that has knit up wonderfully.. at under £1.00 a cone I kind of expect some disasters but all’s good so far

    Gill Kitson-Rowntree
  • How old are they? I’ve revived many bargain boxes of yarn but find anything before the 70s has degraded and splits under the pressure of the knitting machine.

    caroline o toole

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