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Wow its Thursday already !

Hello Thursday.. wow this week is flying by, its nearly the weekend already....looking back on Mondays blog I've just spent 5 minutes trying to decide just what I have achieved since then and looking round I didn't think I'd done too much but then just gathering the photos yes perhaps I have.

Soo Here goes,  I've crocheted bralette tops with my breakfast, I've done some beading to the pashminas, trying out a less bling bling look, they do need finishing off.. but that's more of an evening thing. its a painstaking slow process. I have to sit and watch something whilst I do that, so last night I was binge watching Once Upon A Time, multitasking at its best lol and yes this  it feels like it has to be a night time thing.

Then I've had the sewing machine out and the over locker,  I've actually fought with that beastie, it can be so temperamental at times . I just hate changing the threads... so we went from blue over locking threads to neutral but one thread was too thick so it kept busting and I had to keep re threading, now you'd think with long nails it would be an advantage to  nip and pull the threads through but no I had to resort to long nosed  pliers as I couldn't find my angle tweezers that belong in the machine.. That  felt like it took hours, probably didn't but it was soo frustrating to me.  Me and that over locker its a kind of love hate relationship. so that being done I've now made 2 little skirts to go with more bralette tops, I've a pair of shorts on the go and another pair cut out and yep they are all getting beige grey seams because I'm not fighting that beast again. The black shorts got zig zagged seams because I was not going to play change about just for 1 pair of pants!  I live in fear...I think its definitely the boss in this relationship eek!

Now in between all that creativity, there has been sketching and scheming, home made yogurt making, washing and pegging out done,  family meals cooked, desk tidying, shelf tidying, thread reorganising, yarn sorting, and fabric buying. if this weekend proves to be all its promised I should be able to get some decent photos of all these goodies.

My next foray is to finish shorts cut more out, sort more shelves, crochet more tops, photograph whats finished and list them all then make little dresses, dungarees and trousers.. but above all SELL some to make room for more my hall way is looking like box city. Now that in itself is a challenge, I need to find a way to get my lovely website known to the masses. 


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