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gothic wedding gown

Halloween fancy dress, gothic bride, raw and raggy fantasy gown, Raw rags

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This stunning Halloween, Urban fairy,  hedge witch, Cinderella styled, fantasy, Gothic wedding gown is built around a  brand new size 14/ 16 (UK sizings) satin corset, new trims of lace & sequin fabric, beads and ribbons have been hand sewn all over the bodice, long tattered strips of lace make up the over skirt, there is also a satin modesty skirt and a lace underskirt

This is upcycled fashion at its best. with all new pieces used throughout

perfect for an alternative wedding, great for cosplay. stunning for a vampy witch this coming Halloween. 

This is modeled on daughter in law (to be) her dress size is 14-16 because of her ample hips.. this dress however could stretch to a size  18 even.. .. she's 5 ft 3"  but wearing 4 inch heels so you can see I've left it on the long side. the lace back means you can pull it as tight as you want to create that gorgeous corseted look this item has been made in a smoke free environment and is ready to ship within 2 working days... its fine to machine wash but I would highly recommend hand washing or dry cleaning because of the beads, sequins and laces.