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Gift Boxed Trio of DnD gaming candles, 3 X 60ml, Dungeons and Dragons, soy wax

Gift Boxed Trio of DnD gaming candles, 3 X 60ml, Dungeons and Dragons, soy wax

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Add ambience and atmosphere to your next gaming night, these super little candles lend themselves perfectly to  many role play board games. gloomhaven, pathfinder, 13th age and so on.

these are aimed as an aid to give you better immersion in your table top game.. these are presented in a wooden gift box which can be decorated or personalised by you at a later date, this is the perfect gift for your dungeon master or anyone in your party!

Please note while the scent of these candles are quite strong the will not generally fill a room, they are made with the thought you will be sat around a table playing DnD so can enjoy the atmospheric ambiance without being overpowered by fragrances, these are intended to help set a scene or mood.

choose from  4 options

option 1 Journey Pack: Cursed Library, Village Bakery, Unwavering Meadow

option 2 Adventure Pack:   Enchanted Glade, Moonfall Mountains,
and Darkened Forest

option 3  Voyagers Pack :Far Horizons, Tavern Brawl, Campfire Embers.

option 4 Travellers Pack: Castle Dungeons, Perilous Crypt, Daily Rations.

each candle has a different look and just a hint of glitter which drifts to the sides when lit but settles back across the wax when cooled. please never leave a lit candle unattended.

each 60ml candle will burn roughly 10 hours so good for 2 or 3 burns,

These glass jars are recyclable and if in the UK you can return them to us for refilling ( discount codes are given against further purchases)

All our candles and melts are CLP compliant and as such have been rigorously tested.

This listing is for 3 Candles Only, pre-packed in wooden gift box with Tissue paper packaging.