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Harry Potter & Hogwarts , themed inspired candles, Highly scented, 125ml soy wax candles,

Harry Potter & Hogwarts , themed inspired candles, Highly scented, 125ml soy wax candles,

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Gorgeously scented, 125ml, 4.5 oz soy wax candles in bookish and movie inspired colours, scents and names,

Harry Potter is a staple in this house (as you may know from our Weasley jumpers and house scarves)https://www.designs-by-phoenix.co.uk/collections/hp-inspired-knitwear/products/the-weasley-jumper-harry-rons-christmas-jumper-unisex-harry-potter-inspired

This range of candles is inspired by one of my most favourite series of books,
and adds ambience to your reading pleasure.

Choose from

Wingardium Leviosa: coloured soft pink and scented with Fuchsia Passion, sprinkled with red green & pink glitter

Dumbledores Army:  scented with a dupe of Lush Avo Bath, this is a wonderfully lemony fizzy scent think sherbert lemons... fresh and invigorating coloured with lemon wax and sprinkled with black and pink glitter.

The Quibbler:   is coloured with a lovely soft lilac wax, iridescent sprinkles are added to the top this candle scent is sweet pea very fresh and spring like, it makes me think of Luna Lovegood, this is not an overpowering scent more of a delicate aroma which gently wafts in your direction..

The Dark Mark:  The dark mark, a deeply coloured scented soy wax candle with glitter to the surface, this candle is coloured dark grey/ black with purple glitters and scented with dragons blood fragrance oil, its a musky, earth scent with floral undertones and a hint of black tea, subtle and enticing but not overly powerful. it kind of drifts by turning your head as it passes leaving you wondering.!!!. and intrigued.!!!

Polyjuice Potion: Gloriously scented with fresh green mint, this poly juice potion candle is a fun addition to any Boy wizard story book fans collection, coloured a lovely fresh green with stranded glitter and neon sprinkles on top

Diagon Alley:   is scented with a delicate evocative fragrance with hints of citrus, florals and coconut. its one of those scents you cant quite place, but so familiar, quite like I'd imagine walking down the alley would be, with sweet scents coming from honey dukes, fresh scents from various fruit or vegetable stalls and more exotic scents coming from other magical shops, coloured with a lilac/ pinky shade, with copper and black glitters on top which drift to the sides once lit, then settle back when cooled again.
please note this scent is not an over powering smell, more one which drifts your way and makes you notice but does not overpower the senses.

Pumpkin Pastie:  Here for your delectation and enjoyment is a series of candles inspired by one of my favourite fantasy worlds,
Pumpkin Pastie ( I dare you to say it without Cho's Scottish accent) is a richly scented orange/pumpkin coloured candle, scented with pumpkin spice fragrance, this is just how I expect the delicacy to smell/ taste ( please don't eat it)

Goblet of Fire: Goblet of Fire is coloured a lovely fresh blue , with turquoise and silver glitters a top, this candle is scented with the fresh tang of pine and firs, (pine cone). 


125ml or 4.5 oz will burn for roughly 20 to 25 hours, so good for up to 5 burns in increments of 4 hours.. light one while you're watching the movies or re-reading your favourite book..
this candle has a dusting of glitter to the surface which drifts to the sides when lit and settles back once cooled.

please never leave a lit candle un attended & follow care instructions provided.

These glass jars are recyclable and if in the UK you can return them to us for refilling ( discount codes are given against further purchases)

All our candles and melts are CLP compliant and as such have been rigorously tested.

This listing is for a single 125ml candle.