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Wax melts sample boxes  2 options, highly fragranced  soy wax melts

Wax melts sample boxes 2 options, highly fragranced soy wax melts

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Not knowing which scent to choose from or indeed what they smell like is always a dilemma especially when buying online,

Here we have  2 options for sample boxes, option 1  has 8 different fragrances in our mini melt size, these are perfect just to test out  a fragrance without committing yourself to a snap bar, candle or clam-shell, option 2 has 15 different fragrances

You will receive a sample of either 8 or 15 of our fragrances, picked at random. ( themed packs available here .https://www.designs-by-phoenix.co.uk/collections/candles-wax-melts-scents-for-the-home/products/themed-sample-boxes-15-individually-wrapped-sample-wax-melts  )

the 8 fragrance pack will have 7 x 2 melts per fragrance + 1 single fragrance

the 15 pack will have 15 different fragrances

these are wrapped individually and labelled to the base

a printed sheet with CLP  for each fragrance will be included in the pack

These melts for the main  have inclusions, glitter, mica, colour etc. all are highly fragranced and each melt should give fragrance out for over 8 hours ( recommended to burn in 4 hour increments) we personally have had a god 24 hours from 1 melt..

These Melts are all suitable for use with t light burners and electric warmers, 

These are currently in-stock for immediate dispatch.

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