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Geisha hair sticks, Sasa

Geisha: hair sticks, Hair chopsticks, beaded hair accessories, sold per pair, Hair Jewellery

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I've been a long time user of a pencil to wind my hair up, some times its a crochet hook or a paint brush but now I've come up in the world and done things properly creating these stunning geisha inspired hair chopsticks,

Each pair are individually created from bamboo chopsticks, shortened to a comfortable length, and hand wired  and wrapped with bright silks and gorgeous beads, these are so easy  to use and comfortable to wear,  I find myself wondering why I didn't make any sooner in my life, .. You can have any colour you like any combination etc, these are perfect for everyday, just to brighten yourself up. weddings, parties, prom dates any time, any place.

you can use just one or both, its entirely up to you.

no two pairs will ever be the same (unless requested)

I've given them names from actual Geisha's in the main part, trying to embody the element of each pair

choose from

UmesuzuPlum-blossom + double congratulations, or plum-blossom + double longevity (梅寿々) deep purple silk with purple beads and a long pear drop crystal.

PontaGenerous one (ぽん太) air-force blue silk with beads in shades of turquoise lime and olive greens.

MiyoBeautiful generation (美代) magenta silk with  purple and magenta leaves and beads.

Omocha: Toy (玩具 or おもちゃ)  Navy silk with beads and flowers in varying shades of dark blue.

HamakoSeashore child (濱子) dark blue  variegated silk with silver starfish charms white  leaves blue beads and creamy pearls.

Kanemi: Gold + beauty (金美) bright golden yellow silk with gold berry beads, animal spotted glass beads, yellows and browns in various shapes.

Chieko:1930's: One whose glory is thousandfold (千榮子)
1970's: One whose blessings are thousandfold (千恵子)  grey silk, pink pearls obsidian beads and haematite hearts.

AikaLoving/beloved and beautiful (愛佳) Lavender silk, with green and lavender beads and flowers.

Fukuro: owl.. gorgeous tiny owls with bright green and purple beads and purple silk SOLD

KamekichiTurtle + good fortune (亀吉), connoting fortune as good as that of the long-lived, nearly immortal turtle. In Japan, turtles were believed to live for 10,000 years, a potent symbol in a culture where the promise of longevity was prized above almost everything else.  pine green coloured silk, with glass leaves in grey and green, turquoise pearls and bell flowers with grey pearls. SOLD

HisasuzuLong-lasting bell (久鈴)  peach silk, pink and peachy beads with a large tear drop pearl in pink and pink bell flowers.

Rikiko: Strength & Happiness /good fortune, magenta silk, with fuchsia & magenta beads and a hint of soft green flowers, (SOLD)

Sasa: Bamboo grass, sparkling crystals, fresh green silk, lime green flowers and crystal hearts,

Tamakichi: Jewel of Fortune,  lime green silk, plum coloured crystals and lime green flowers,

Utanosuke: Song Helper, gorgeous jewel bright turquoise silk with pale blue bell flowers crystals, genuine carved turquoise skulls, and silver fire polished crystals.

Aimatsu: Girl whose love is as steadfast as the pine, jade green silk, teal crystals with lime green flowers and gorgeous  fire polished dagger beads,

CharyoeiTea + good + excellence (茶良榮). This is the only instance of the “tea” element  seen in geimyō. “Charyō” may be intended as a homonym for 茶寮, the room where tea ceremonies are held. beige/olive silk olive and beige flowers crystals .

Fujie: Splendid Wisteria, purple silk and mauve and lilac blossoms with purple pearls,

Yuiko: Citrus clothes, bright yellow silk with lemon and pale green crystals yellow blossoms and frosted lemon rounds.

Umechie: Plum-blossom + chie (梅ちえ). Possibly intended to mean “wise plum blossom (梅智). pale pink blossoms with crystals.

Ichimomo: Market + peach (市桃) peach silk with peach frosted bell flowers, shell beads and pearls.

Hofuna Ichigo :abundant strawberries, red silk with glass strawberry beads, clear red and green crystals

Mikan: Orange, beautiful bright orange silk with beads in shades of orange,

Tokiko: Timely child (時子). The Taisho-period geisha Tokiko wrote her name partly in hiragana: とき子, Black silk with  copper edged black glass lozenges, blackberry beads and peach flowers,

Tonko: Possibly “kindly one (敦子)” beige silk, bone coloured skulls, pearl coloured leaves and butterflies.

Kichihana: Lucky flower (吉花), pale green yellow fimo roses, with pale green yellow silk, yellow green pearls and leaves.

Chikano: Thousandfold elegance + no [female name ending] (千雅乃), dark green silk with multi coloured beads and flowers,

Asao: Shallows of a river + -o [female name ending] (浅尾) pale blue silk, lucite flowers and fire polished crystals,

Maneki-neko, red silk with 2 lucky Japanese cats berries, and pink white and red pearls and crystals.


Love + eternal (愛千代)


When a girl becomes a maiko, an apprentice geisha, she takes a professional name (geimei (芸名) or, in older usage, geimyô, "artistic name") to symbolize her new life. These names are flamboyant, describing the bearer's beauty, youth, or alluring clothes and perfume; they're vivid, comparing the bearer to flowers, jewels, and gold; and they're aspirational, wishing the bearer a long life, many blessings, much wealth, and good fortune. They reflect not only the splendour of the flower and willow world, but the uncertainty of a life spent on the cutting edge of fashion and the raw edge of society.

this is a unique item of jewellery never to be repeated,

this item is ready to ship within 1-2 working days... we post world wide.

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