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PDF, bookmarks to download, print and colour ,Perovia Cat, version 3 (file 3)

PDF, bookmarks to download, print and colour ,Perovia Cat, version 3 (file 3)

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colour your own bookmarks, I've created another bookmark, which can be found in my latest book Peter Paisley and the Princess of Perovia, https://www.designs-by-phoenix.co.uk/collections/colouring-story-books-by-gillian-kitson-rowntree-1/products/colouring-story-book-peter-paisley-and-the-princess-of-perovia-a-cross-stitch-cats-adventure

these have 5 gradient backgrounds for you to enjoy,

print them off on good card stock and spend hours having fun colouring them to your own taste,  you can then laminate them or add sticker paper to make them durable, add in coloured tassels or ribbons and you have a lovely gift to give to your family or friends.

this listing is for version 3 only

Not for commercial use or resale, 

this means dont sell your finished item on or share the download file,

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