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Stickers, set of 28 Cross-Stitch Cats stickers each letter of the alphabet .exclusive to Phoenix Designs.

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Finally they're here, the entire collection of all 26 alphabet cats coloured and now made into stickers, these are available in various options, and yes the set is for 28 stickers as Romancing Ritchie is available in 2 colours and the W, Wonderful Walter in 2 height sizes,  

you can choose to purchase the larger stickers as individuals or the entire set

 large, approx. 70mm square ( set, or individual glossy or holographic)

Small approx. 45mm square ( set, glossy or holographic)

vibrantly coloured and water proof/ colour fast,

ideal for journaling putting on your phone case or tablet, book covers and furniture,

NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. but a damp wipe over is fine

The holographic stickers are more durable as they have an extra layer of protection.

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