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angelic bracelet Ariel:

Angelic bracelets, delicate silver toned beaded bridesmaid or prom jewels

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These bracelets were first created in 2013, I've managed to source more of these gorgeous silver toned spacer arc's, back then they were un-named, but now with my theme of heavenly names I've called these angelic bracelets. Each has an angel name to distinguish it from the others, and I've tried as ever, to link the colours with the feel of the angel. these use tiny 4mm crystals and silver toned findings.. all are silver plated and hypoallergenic.

choose from

Nuriel: to do with hailstorms, milky white crystals

Lailah: conception, soft mauve.

Ariel: blue crystals.

Raphael:  sea foam mini drucks.

Raziel: keeper of secrets, yellow crystals

Muriel: June, the month and cancer zodiac sign. Pink crystals.

these are all in stock ready to ship within 1-2 working days,

all are individual colour blends. No two will ever be the same, unless requested. ( bridesmaids, sorority sisters etc.)

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