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Aqua beaded pashmina

Aqua lace cotton beach wrap, pashmina, shawl

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Aqua lace cotton beach wrap, pashmina, shawl.

I'm describing this one as a beach wrap as the colour just reminds me of a carribean ocean, but of course you can use it anyway you see fit, this is made with 3 strands of acrylic and cotton yarns in various shades of aqua, the photos on my screen are coming out somewhat bluer than the true colour,

This pashmina shawl would be perfect in any circumstance from mother of the bride or groom, bridesmaid, prom wrap, bbq bling, cruise wear or indeed as a beach wrap after a long day sunbathing what would be more chic than this, to drape around shoulders or tie around hips to migrate from beach to Bar!

The extra long beaded fringe has thousands of crystal seed beads, faux freshwater pearls tiny swarovski crystals, tiny bumpy glass pearls and glass druziesand turquoise metalic seed beads giving weight and bling to this already beautiful wrap.


This item will most definitely NOT be repeated ever so you can safely say its a designer item.

This is hand made on a domestic knitting machine giving a fine and even texture to it, its been slightly killed to stop curling and add drape to it

it measures over 53cm wide or 21 inches and is over 166cm long..65 inches

handwashing is highly recommended.