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Bellissima Earrings, long drops with gemstones and crystals in a long cascade

Bellissima Earrings, long drops with gemstones and crystals in a long cascade

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My love of long drop earrings came to the fore in making these beauties, lots of sparkling crystals team with Tibetan silver charms  and gorgeous long iridescent drops, each set measures around 70-80mm from the base of the hook, and all are one off creations

wired with silver plated wires and head pins onto silver 925 ear hooks,

Choose from

Goccia di ghiaccio: icy blue crystals  clear/blue iridescent drops clear crystals. 78mm long

Goccia di bosco : crystals in greens and smoky shades Tibetan silver hearts, soft green iridescent long drops 70mm long

Vere gocce blu, copper wires, with brown and bronze crystals,  navy pearls crystals and such 67mm long

Gocce da una rosa : hand made polymer clay roses in shades of blue are wired onto copper wires and ear wires, brown pearls, navy pearls, crystals and much more these measure  80mm

Gocce di Gelo: hand wired onto silver plated wires, with 925 ear wires, lots of sparkling crystals in silver, grey milky glass and clear brilliant glass. includes Swarovski and Austrian crystals

Gocce di Zucchero: hand wired on to silver plated wires  delicate pink crystals team with genuine moon stone hearts and brilliantly sparkling crystals in soft greys silvers and clear.



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