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Blossoms.. long necklaces, hand made beaded chain with polymer clay beads

Blossoms.. long necklaces, hand made beaded chain with polymer clay beads

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These long necklaces are hand wired with beautiful hand made fimo floral beads,

"Apple blossom" has  soft pink pearls  green berry beads and pink crystals wired onto pink coated wire with antique silver clasp this measures, 30 inches in the round,

"Sakura" is wired on black wire with black and pink fimo blossom beads, deep plum ovals and black glass pearls this has no clasp as it pops over the head easily and measures around 29 inches,

Kiwi blossoms has  shades of green yellow and orange in the fimo beads which are then echoed with crystals glass beads and champagne coloured wire, measures around 32 inches.

Red cherry: this has predominantly red coloured fimo beads with greens browns white and red glass beads acrylic beads and Austrian crystals again wire on champagne coloured wire, measures around 30 inches.

Lemon blossoms, wire on gold wire with shades of yellow from honey to lemon in the fimo beads, which are also echoed in the crystals pearls and Indian glass beads making up the body of this 30 inch necklace. SOLD

Aqua Blossom: long oval shaped fimo beads in pale turquoise with hints of brown, wired on turquoise wire with bronze and turquoise glass beads and crystals with silver filigree beads, measures around 23 inches in the round.

Mulberry Blossoms: long oval shaped purple and plum coloured fimo beads mix with purple pearls green glass beads mulberry glass beads and crystals hand wired on lilac pink wire, 26inches in the round.

Cool blossoms: large round fimo beads in white and darker turquoise are hand wired on turquoise wire with gold crystals turquoise crystals creamy pearls turquoise hears and  frit enclosed hand made glass beads this necklace measures 30 inches in the round

these are individually created and one off creations.. these are ready for immediate dispatch.


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