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Tangible cascade bracelet

Cascade bracelets, clustered beaded hand wired chain,

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Gorgeous, hand made and hand wired beads cluster together making this delectable range of bracelets, ideal for special occasions and everyday wear, the cascade bracelet  has no jump rings the chain is made bead by beaded link, with smaller beads added to each loop  these measure on average around 6 and a half to  7 inches but have an extender chain to ensure they will fit all sizes, beads include pearls, crystals, glass beads and acrylic beads.

choose from

Tangible, teal and coffee colours on silver wire,

Forested, shades of emerald green, on green wire

Champagne, beiges on coffee coloured wire

leafy, pale greens and creams on pale green wire,

Passion, pinks and peaches on gold wire

each one is totally unique and will never be repeated,

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