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Enchanted Cascade earrings.

"Cascade earrings", long drop, beaded with crystals, flowers, leaves etc

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I love long dangly earring and wore several pairs recently on my holidays ( and got some amazing comments) so here I've created more just for you.

generally wired onto 925 silver ear wires, or gold plated wires. chain is silver or gold plated as are the head pins and wires,

these have beautiful long chains with glass bell flowers, crystals, leaves, hearts and much more,

all are ready made  in stock for immediate shipment,

choose from

Watery Cascade: green pearls, turquoise iridescent leaves, green bell flowers and crystals on silver chain, wire, hooks length is 75mm from base of hook.

Fantasy Cascade: turquoise and green ab leaves, turquoise pearls and dark green drops, on silver chain, wire, hooks length is 75mm from base of hook.

Enchanted Cascade, tibetan silver feathers, frosted green leaves & cubes, lilac and purple crystals, silver fixings 75mm from base of hook.

Forest Cascade: emerald green flowers smokey crystals and green glass rounds, silver fixings, 100mm from base of hook.

Icy Cascade: frosted blue bell flowers, blue glass leaves and silver filigree balls on silver fixings, 80mm from base,

Wisteria Cascade: clear lilac bell flowers, mauve crystals and lozenges on silver fixings, 76mm from base.

Fiery Cascade: bright orange, topaz and hot orange beads and flowers are wired onto gold plated wires, chain and hooks, 76mm from base of hook 

Magical Cascade: smokey lilac  dusty rose and amethyst beads and crystals on gold wires, chain and hooks. length from base of hook 79mm.

Fairy Cascade: lilac and purple crystals, pink frosted hearts and pink cubes on silver fixings  length from base 80mm

Delightful Cascade: turquoise cubes, soft green and teal crystals with blue hearts wired on gold fixings, length from hook is 85mm

Entwined Cascade: topaz crystals with olive  and green crystals caramel coloured hearts an lime daggers on silver fixings,length from hook is 82mm

Amazonian Cascade, brown cube beads topaz bell flowers emerald pearls and green crystals on gold tone fixings, longest drop measures, 75mm

Lagoon Cascade: turquoise bell flowers teal hearts, frosted leaves and drops on silver wires etc longest drop measures,75mm

Citrus Cascade: flowers and leaves cubes and rounds in shades of lemon and greens are wired on silver toned fixings longest drop is 100mm

Elegant Cascade: black leaves and lozenges, turquoise hearts and green crystals on silver fixings length from base is 90mm 



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