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Clam shell pods, wax melts in scent intense soy wax 100g approximate weight

Clam shell pods, wax melts in scent intense soy wax 100g approximate weight

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Here we have many of our popular scents  packaged for you in the convenience of recyclable clam shells, (Pet 1 Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Break a square off and save the rest for later, easy to store with out all the  mess, each square should last  over 12 hours burning in 4 hour increments,

choose from

JPG: Jean Paul Gaultier Dupe ( le male) vanilla and lavender notes, powdery but fresh  natural coloured wax with blue glitters,

Pear & Freesia fruity and floral with citrussy undertones  in soft green wax, lime green mica, and sprinkles.

Lavender, ..pure fresh and earthy lilac mica and natural wax with real lavender bud inclusions and purple glitter

Aqua blossom & Coral, : fresh out doorsy,  sun cream and fresh air.. Peach wax, copper mica, glitter and inclusions.

Earth Angel : musky, earthy, heavy and sultry. Lilac wax, silver mica, sprinkles and glitters

Mountain Air: fresh clean cotton and outdoor freshness. sun dried laundry scents. powder blue wax, white mica, inclusions and glitter

Millionaire: Paco Rabanne dupe of million. musky male, caramels and citrus. natural wax with gold mica glitters and inclusions,

One: CK1 dupe, citrus scents bergamot, lime mandarin fresh and light.  natural wax, white mica orange and yellow sprinkles & inclusions.

Lime, basil & mandarin, subtle  citrus fragrances with the earthy tang of basil.  earth green wax.

Christmas spice. cinnamon oranges, clove nutmeg.. all things christmassy in dark red wax 

Limeflower & Fig: this is a fresh and fruity scent, with a subtle earthy tang,  coloured with natural wax, and lime green mica, lime and pink glitters,

Plum Rose & Patchouli: earthy yet floral hints of roses waft through the heady scents of patchouli. coloured with peachy pink wax and soft pink mica infused wax it has glitters in all shapes of dark colours.

Mulberry & Thyme: (molton brown type) a glorious earthy scent which fills the room subtly, coloured with plummy purple wax and fresh green waxes and micas, lots of glitters and sprinkles....

Ethereal (Alien):  this is a Thierry mugler fragrance inspired scent, musky and lilac heavy scented. coloured with deep purple wax and fuchsia waxes and micas lots of glitter.

Daisy,Daisy,: fresh and floral a dupe of Marc Jacobs Daisy, white green and yellow waxes, micas sprinkles and glitters,

Cranberry & fig, soft white wax with green mica and vibrant pink and red sprinkles this scent is tangy and fruity almost makes your mouth water,

White Musk & Lotus: White musk and Lotus, a glorious combination of warm sweet florals  with a hint of jasmine and the earthy tang of musk.  (naturally coloured wax)

Bamboo: inspired by Gucci,lily of the valley, woodland, ylang ylang, orange blossom and vanilla. coloured delicate green,

Green Leaves.. coloured with green wax smelling like crushed leaves and grass.

No5: a chanel no 5 dupe scent with a complex blend of scents heavy with vanilla vetiver amber and patchouli layered with Ylang Ylang, iris and lily of the valley if you know the perfume well  this is a good comparison. coloured a warm caramel and cream  with copper twinkle and silver sand

Forest Floor:, a woodsy scent strongly smelling of wet moss, earth and crushed fern. with delicate cirtussy undertones. coloured a delicate green

White tea,: fresh light  hints of tangy citrus, and soft tea, natural wax silver glitters white mica powders.

Mountain Air: fresh clean cotton and outdoor freshness. sun dried laundry scents. powder blue wax, white mica, inclusions and glitter. 

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