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muladhara chakra necklace

Pride, Crystal Chakra necklaces, Muladhara, Anja & Sahasrara, Austrian crystals

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Here we have 3 stunning Pride, Crystal Chakra necklaces I've named them  for the root Chakra, 3rd eye  and for the crown Chakras,

Muladhara has 7 gorgeous crystals lined in a column with more crystals making up the main body/ chain of the necklace, this uses oxidised silver, grey and black wires and measures approximately 50 cm with the dangle measuring 4 this sits nicely on the  chest.. it has an extender chain of approx 2.5cm so can be worn longer if desired.

Anja: 3rd eye, this necklaces beads are slightly bolder than the other 2, glorious 8mm miracle beads shimmer and shine beautifully, these are wire wrapped with gunmetal coloured wires, more rainbow crystals follow up the chain again it measures around the 48-50 cm mark and has an extender chain.

Sahasrara  is made on antique bronze wire with matching clasp and extender chain, this  too has a drop of 4 cm with  a wire wrap spiraling around the upper 4 crystals, the chain itself is hand made with  clear crystal bicones and an interval of tiny crystals echoing the main dangle, this necklace measures 50cm so again sits nicely on the breast bone, the extender chain measures 4cm to allow the necklace to be worn longer.

all crystals are Austrian or swarovski crystals

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