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Dainty Flowers bracelet, handmade, delicate, bridesmaid or prom bracelets. you choose

Dainty Flowers bracelet, handmade, delicate, bridesmaid or prom bracelets. you choose

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In 2011 I created the first of many Dainty flowers bracelets, these have been a firm favourite  both with me and my customers.

Here for 2019 is a new selection with gorgeous beads and lucite flowers using coloured wires...all follow the same principle, links made from  a 6mm bead and seed beads, 4 or 5 hand wired beads and tiny coloured flowers on the adjoining jump ring, a lobster clasp fastener with an extender chain,  and all are made to fit around a 7 inch wrist 

 choose from

Pumpkin spice: orange flowers, and beads green fimo leaves bronze flowers on gold wire.

Forester: soft green flowers & beads brown cubes and leaves wired on soft green and silver wires,

Clouded:  pale blue  glass leaves, crystals and flowers, black seed beads & crystals on silver wire.

Apple blossom: soft green hearts, flowers and cubes with pale pink drucks,seed beads and crystals on light green wire.

Pixie: pale blue flowers & crystals with soft mauve rice beads, crystals flowers and drucks on lilac wire.

Mermaid: shades of soft blue and turquoise hearts, pearls & flowers with silver spacers  on turquoise wire.

Majestic: black drucks  and star beads, magenta leaves and flowers wired on black wire.

Turkish Delight: magenta and hot purple, with bronze flowers and caramel gold leaves, wired onto gold wire

Copper blooms: copper cubes with copper lined seed beads, blush pink flowers hearts and drucks wired onto silver wire and fixings.

Ivorie: cream wires, cream pearls & hearts, beige  & white flowers and cream seed beads.

Ivory blush: cream wires creamy pearls & hearts, soft pink flowers & crystals, with deeper pink seed beads.

Noir: black wires, black leaves black flowers silver spacer beads and fire polished leaves shining blue & purple

Fall spices, bright orange flowers seed beads, stars and tiny drucks wired onto black wire with fire polished leaves and black lozenge beads.

Plummery: hearts and flowers in magenta's and purples, fuchsia pearls and  deep purple Austrian crystals wired on to lilac wire.

La fey: soft lilac flowers, purple crystals, lavender drops with lime  crystals and seed beads wired onto silver wire.

Sea foam:, crystals and pearls in turquoise, with sea foam butterflies and seed beads on turquoise wire.

Iced Lilacs:  lilac flowers, white pearls, silver and lilac drucks, purple drops all wired on silver wires,

Opulence: magenta flowers and deep plum pearls with coffee hearts & leaves team with plummy flowers on gold wires

Warm peony: soft peachy flowers with olive green leaves, fire polished crystals beige crackle glass beads and peach nuggets on gold wire.

Pumpkin Latte:  orange/peach beads, green leaves, clear orange flowers, chocolate flowers, and orange crystals in 2 shapes, on gold wires,

Rosabunda: dainty hot pink flowers, pink fimo flowers, clear green leaves, yellow crystals magenta pearls and deep magenta and gold swirled drucks, on gold wires

Soft treasures: white pearls frosted green hearts, flowers and leaves, and pale green cubes wired on to beige and silver wires.

Mint Julep: frosty turquoise flowers and hearts, gold butterflies, clear turquoise rondells, gold splattered turquoise beads gold seed beads and pale turquoise pearls all wired on gold wires with gold toned fixings


these are all in stock ready to ship within 1-2 working days,

all are individual colour blends. and designs. no two will ever be the same, unless requested. ( bridesmaids, sorority sisters etc.)

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