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Dungeons & Dragons themed candle, add drama to your game play, enhance the fantasy.

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Here we have a wonderful collection of Dungeons and Dragons themed and inspired candles each one carefully scented to enhance your game play and evoke the spirit of the RPG experience, these are not exclusive to just D n D but are equally useful in other table top games. gloomhaven, pathfinder, 13th age and so on


these are 190ml candles 6 oz in old money...

choose from Halfling Rogue: coloured turquoise and scented with tangy juniper and seaweed, outdoorsy and freshscented

Barbarians Quest, coloured grey and scented with black opium fragrance, heady, musky  and earthy.

Paladins Devotion coloured rusty red, and scented with chai spice , rich in cardamom cinnamon and cloves

Warlocks Spell coloured rich purple and scented with a molton brown dupe of mulberry and thyme, herby and magical,

Healing salve coloured lavender with lavender scents

Druids Penance, coloured emerald green, with the scent of crushed green leaves

Dragons Treasure, a golden yellow shade scented with a paco rabanne dupe of million (millionaire) heady with vanilla, and musky tones

Oath of Ancients, coloured pinky beige and scented with enigma... vanilla and caramels with floral under tones.

Clerics Allegiance coloured light orange and scented with pumpkin spice, ginger, cinnamon and cookies scents.

Sorcerer's Font, coloured denim blue and scented with velvet peony & Oud,  earthy and sultry giving a mysterious air.

Wizards Incantation, coloured plummy red, scented with Melograno Nero, ( black pomegranate jo Malone Dupe) earthy  herby and fruity.

Bardic Taunt, coloured bright orange and scented with lemongrass and Ginger, fiery feisty and zingy.

Monks Contemplation, coloured soft green with burgundy and copper glitters, scented with pear and freesia,  out doors and freedom...

Never leave a lit candle unattended.

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all jars are recyclable if you'd like to return them here to us we can offer a discount code against further purchases..

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