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Dungeons & Dragons themed candle. dice embedded as a gift, 600ml 21 oz Warlocks Spell

Dungeons & Dragons themed candle. dice embedded as a gift, 600ml 21 oz Warlocks Spell

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For all Table top gamers, fans of Dungeons and Dragons, pathfinder and such here is a perfect gift to give or save for yourself, scented with a glorious herby dupe of a molton brown favourite, mulberry and thyme named Warlocks Spell.

this candle  weighs a massive 600ml or 21 oz... this will burn for over 120 hours, so even the most lengthy quest will will not out do this big boy..#

the dice are genuine gaming dice and will need to be removed before lighting ( this is indicated on the label)... a swish in hot water will remove any residue wax making them good for use...

Dice colours will vary with each candle but all are of the same quality 

Never leave a lit candle unattended.

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all jars are recyclable if you'd like to return them here to us we can offer a discount code against further purchases..

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