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Hand poured soy wax melts and candles, fresh cut flowers,

Hand poured soy wax melts and candles, fresh cut flowers,

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this fragrance smells so fresh, hints of wet grass and crushed stems mingle with florals of all genres, it smells just like a flower shop.

the smell lasts really well I've personally been using 1 melt for the last 3 days in a warmer without turning it off (whoops my bad I do not recommend this!!!!!) and as I came down stairs I was met with a lovely wall of scent as I entered the room.

These are hand poured  100% soy wax candles in 3 sizes,  melts in 2 further weights, I've added 10% fragrance  these are vegan with no additives, 

60ml  2.5 oz will burn 10 hours and longer, these are ideal if you're unsure of the fragrance, perfect as favours for a wedding or baby shower. Talk to us about custom colours and labelling you can personalise these to suit your needs,

110ml.. 4 oz will burn for 25 hours or more, again ideal as just a token for  secret Santa or new home gift...

190ml... 7 oz will burn for 30 hours or more, good value for everyday around the home,

 cotton wicks with tin sustainers,

wax melts are 50g in weight with 6 break away hearts or cubes, ( containers may vary)

individual melts are approx 20g and ideal just to try a one off fragrance, why not add one to your next order, good for 2 burns if cut/broken in half,

all jars are recyclable if you'd like to return them here to us we can offer a discount code against further purchases..

- how much is postage to my country
A-  small items within the UK will go for £2.00  if we can fit it into a pip box. we will,(2-3 snap bars will go for this price, so would a hat or small dress)
Other UK postage would be £5.00, with guaranteed next day at £15.00.

Europe standard shipping starts at £6.50, Tracked shipping will be £12.00

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