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Ravenclaw pixie hat

Ravenclaw colours. Harry Potter inspired pixie style slouchy hat in year 3 style

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Made to Match our style 2 Ravenclaw coloured Harry Potter inspired Scarves, this Pixie/ slouchy style hat follows the irregular 2 stripe style of the scarf. Main colours of Navy Blue and Grey also available in the two other colourways of dark ravenclaw and alternative or light ravenclaw..... the movie colours are pictured here

These hats are made to order and generally made to fit a standard 21/22 inch head, ( but they can be made bigger or smaller on request) ask me about it!

The hat tapers to a shallow point and has a lovely long tassel to finish it off.
perfect for watching your favourite quidditch team on a cold frosty day.  The style of this fashionable, warm, winter, wooly is something Dumbledore would be proud of.

Made from warm snuggly Acrylic Yarn, (no itch) means they are machine washable

Handcrafted on a domestic knitting machine, and hand finished to a high standard.

They come from a smoke free environment ( all our cauldrons are smokeless)