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Ilvermorny Scarf, Harry Potter stories, American School of witchcraft.

Ilvermorny Scarf, Harry Potter stories, American School of witchcraft.

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Handmade, Harry Potter, Ilvermorny inspired scarf, 6ft double thickness, cosplay, American school of witchcraft & Wizardry, Isolt Sayre

All Harry Potter fans are totally excited by the news of the American school of witchcraft and Wizardry know as Ilvermorny.. so I couldn't wait to make my version of the school scarf,

Using clues from Pottermore and the lovely story Mz Rowling tells of Isolt Sayre, I have put together this version of the school scarf, cranberry red, and blue ( as Isolt wanted to be sorted to Ravenclaw)

To me the stripes on this scarf have meaning, a broad band of red for her NO - Maj Husband, James Steward and the cranberry pie he loved, and 2 blue bands and 2 red bands all equal width for her adopted boys and twin girls, (Chadwick & Webster Boot, Martha and Rionach) and then a lesser wide Blue band for herself, also the 4 equal stripes pay homage to the four houses of Thunderbird, Pukwudgie, Horned Serpent and Wampus,

made with a mix of acrylic and wool yarns , making it soft and snuggly for hunting down the remotest of creatures in cold and chilly places,

This is totally my own concept of the scarf, You may have your own ideas and I'm happy to put them together for you, talk to me about your own custom Ilvermorny scarf...

Handcrafted on a domestic knitting machine and hand finished to a high standard
made in a smoke free environment
machine washable,


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