Legend of Zelda Inspired Red Elf Hat, Cosplay, LARP, One Size Fits All

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As made famous in the Ocarina of Time, Link wears the red Goron tunic with matching hat to help protect him from the immense heat of the death mountain crater, and the fiery depths of the fire temple,

These hats are made to order and generally made to fit a standard 21/22 inch head, ( but they can be made bigger or smaller on request) ask me about it! ( these fit fairly baggy) and are meant to be extra slouchy..
The hat tapers gracefully to a very long narrow point which measures a total of 23 inches to the tip.

Made from warm snuggly Acrylic Yarn, (no itch) means they are machine washable

Handcrafted on a domestic knitting machine, and hand finished to a high standard.

They come from a smoke free environment current turn around 7 to 10 days

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