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Love Spell, soy wax candle, scented and coloured for candle magic, 190ml.

Love Spell, soy wax candle, scented and coloured for candle magic, 190ml.

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 This is a gorgeously scented candle to bring new love to you, choose from either the heady Melograno Nero ( black pomegranate) which is a prized symbol of fertility, and used in Asian cultures to decorate the bedchamber of newly weds for a prosperous and fruitful union. (this  could be used if you want babies from your union)

Or Cassis & Fig  both potent ingredients in love spells, blackcurrant is considered to be an angelic scent it aids in being forgiving and non judgemental, helps to see into the future, the fig is  used in male potency love and fertility, Demeter gave Dionysus figs to boost his libido,

both are coloured pink and have added rose quartz crystals, rose petals and of course a little glitter,

love spells are best performed on a Friday in the  moon phases of new through waxing to full. but you can use this candle at any time.

 hints tips and instructions are provided with each spell candle,

This is a 190ml candle  6.5 oz...  vegan soy wax candle with a cotton wick, it will burn for over 40 hours, (be advised to burn in 3 or 4 hour increments) do not let the candle burn below 1cm

DISCLAIMER:  this candle is for entertainment  purposes, it is not guaranteed to make you fall in love it is best used as a focus tool to energise your personal vibration.

Never leave a lit candle unattended.

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