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mothers day gift, 125ml scented candle  with label options,

mothers day gift, 125ml scented candle with label options,

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Happy mothers day.. here's a cute little gift for all the mum's, gran's, nanna's me maws & Moms etc out there, we've kept the message generic and given you 2 options
Happy Mothers day & For you on mothers day.. these can be given to just about anyone,

The scent is a delectable fresh and heady sweet pea scent and its coloured with a glorious lilac wax with translucent pink and lilac glitter sprinkled across the top,
this glitter does not affect the burn, it drifts to the sides as the wax melts and settles back across the top once cooled.

were offering these candles in 4 options.

Two generic messages as above and with the option of adding in personalisation.. with whom its from... we will presume you want LOVE FROM: in the message unless you message us to state otherwise.... then you can add in a name or names up to 20 letters no symbols or other messages please...