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sanskrit Scheherazade bracelet

Scheherazade , 1001 nights inspired range of Bracelets

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This range of bracelets are bold and sumptuous  on the whole the main body of the bracelets consist of 10mm crystals or  glass beads encapsulated with gold filigree bead caps then the central focal area is  clustered beads in graduated sizes threaded onto a simple bar, using toning colours and more gold wire giving the bracelet the feel of luxury and decadence. These are statement pieces, perfect for the cruise, ball, prom or extravagant wedding/ or night out. All wires, fixings and clasps are gold plated,

Inspired by the stories of 1001 nights and the Persian Queen Scheherazade, her bold wit and bravery kept her alive night after night.  when the king Shahryar found his first wife to be unfaithful he vowed to take a new bride every night  having the previous one beheaded so she could not be unfaithful to him. He had killed 1,001 such women by the time he was introduced to Scheherazade, the vizier's daughter.

choose from 

Dunyazad (Scheherazade's sister)  peach tones on gold with gold filigree,

Persian Queen, magenta  & hot pinks, gold filigree,

Sanskrit, Crystal & gold crackle beads and crystals with gold filigree

Arabesque, lemon crystals yellow beads and gold filigree

Jasmine, ( a nod to Disney's Aladdin) turquoise with gold filigree.


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