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Show me some Tassel!, hand wired glorious tasselled earrings in various colours

Show me some Tassel!, hand wired glorious tasselled earrings in various colours

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These tasselled earrings are such fun to wear I personally have a few pairs and they always get lovely comments, choose here from

Aladdin: deep purple blue with copper fixings and ear wires and tiny black beads

Jasmine: Turquoise tassels with turquoise hypoallergenic coated ear wires silver  long trumpet bead caps and turquoise beads on turquoise wire.

Sultan: emerald green tassels with gold plated ear wires clear green beads and long gold toned bead caps

Rajah: deep purple blue tassels with gold filigree beads and gold toned bead caps on gold plated wire with cobalt blue beads

Abu: variegated purples  copper bead caps and ear wires, purple beads

Cassim: pale apple green  silver bead caps, bright green beads 925 ear hooks

Gazeem: pale apple green gold toned bead caps, fresh green beads, gold plated ear hooks

Carpet: variegated purple silver bead caps, purple pearls and 925 ear wires

Nahbi: bright yellow, silver trumpet bead caps, frosted yellow beads 925 ear wires

Zulla: fresh pink tassels, silver bead caps hot pink beads 925 ear wires

Achmed: Pistachio green tassels, silver trumpet caps, pistachio beads 925 ear wires

Omar: bright yellow tassels, gold tone bead caps, frosted yellow beads, gold plated ear wires

Hakim:  burnt orange tassels, long gold filigree caps, red beads gold plated ear wires

Genie: sky blue tassels silver trumpet caps, fresh blue beads 925 ear wires

Farouk: neon pink tassels, silver bead caps pink crystals 925 silver ear wires

Iago: burnt orange tassel, copper filigree tube caps, copper ear wires, orange beads

Dalia: fresh pink tassels, gold filigree bead caps, frosted pink beads & hot pink beads, gold plated ear wires,


please not gold refers to the colour not the metal unless specifically stated as does silver unless stated as 925 ( which is assayed as sterling silver and stamped as such)

copper is both the colour and actual metal.

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