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Soothing Foot soak. in 3 glorious choices.

Soothing Foot soak. in 3 glorious choices.

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Epsom salts are so good for the body, relaxing tight muscles and soothing aching feet.

magnesium sulphate in other words...

This relaxing foot soak is  blended with skimmed milk powder, this soothes and softens hard skin, trust me I've tried this and after just one soaking my feet feel beautiful and soft, all the dry patches have gone.

choose from 3 versions,

Mandarin & sage... infused with orange essential oil, dried mandarin peel ( dried by me) and dried sage from my garden (organically grown) sage is beneficial in skin regeneration, as is orange oil .. this blend is uplifting.. and rejuvenating super to use throughout the day

Peppermint and oatmeal.. infused with peppermint essential oil, contains dried mint, and fine oatmeal is used for eczema, itchy skin, swollen and inflamed skin, peppermint boost circulation relieves itchy skin, brightening and toning too.

Lavender & chamomile.  lavender essential oil, lavender flowers and buds and dried chamomile, lavender  is good at boosting the immune system, detoxifies and soothes itchy dry skin chamomile  heals wounds eases itchy skin, like lavender it promotes restful sleep, this is a lovely soak to use at the end of the day.

 available in 2 sizes, 

50g approx good for 2 foot baths

100g approx good for 4 or more foot baths..

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