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Stickers, set of 14 original photos of Cats, exclusive to Phoenix Designs

Stickers, set of 14 original photos of Cats, exclusive to Phoenix Designs

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This fun and cute set of 14 cat stickers are all originals taken from photos of our cats  past and present from throughout the familys felines. You will not find them anywhere else, these are exclusive to Phoenix Designs.

good quailty vinyl is used througout, these are typically waterproof, but would not recommend them to be used on anything that requires vigorous washing ( hand rinse should be fine)

great for journalling and scrapbooking add them to your phone, tablet or any other hard surface, colours are bright and sizes range from Obie cat at 9cm to Freddy at 5.5cm. Our current cats are

Obie Kat Kenobie, sitting tabby with strong markings,

Miss Twinkie Twisty tail.. yes her tail really does kink right over her back,  white chin brighter tabby with purple collar. her son Georgie Floof handsome proud tabby, her daughter Charlie ann tin can ( sadly no longer with us) purple collar side view,

Big bad bobby cat tuxedo with white chin (no longer with us any more)

Jeff Bridges Kitteh white blaze on face tuxedo cat very old now at 14

Freddy Purrcury ginger tabby.

Salem black cat with tie (sons cat)

little ginger kitten, one we were going to home but ended up with a stray instead 

these are available in glossy or holographic finish.

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