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Wax melts 50g snap bar, hand poured

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In an effort to lessen the plastic we have wax snap bars, use as little or as much as you like simply break or cut off the piece you want and save the rest for later these are wrapped in cellophane (yes we tried grease proof and tissue but the labels wouldn't stick or the fragrance leeched out) and 1 small square of cellophane is better than a whole plastic container.

however these are made with vegan soy wax  with biodegradable sprinkles and glitter sand, highly scented and CLP compliant.. ( we can provide further details of any possible allergens/ toxic properties on request)

suitable for use in both t light burners and electric melters

currently available for instant dispatch are

No5 a chanel no 5 dupe scent with a complex blend of scents heavy with vanilla vetiver amber and patchouli layered with Ylang Ylang, iris and lily of the valley if you know the perfume well  this is a good comparison. coloured a warm caramel and cream  with copper twinkle and silver sand

Forest Floor, a woodsy scent strongly smelling of wet moss, earth and crushed fern. with delicate cirtussy undertones. coloured a delicate green and creamy yellow with green twinkle and gold sand.

JPG: Jean Paul Galtier Dupe ( le male) vanilla and lavender notes, powdery but fresh in Blue coloured wax with white mica and glitters.

Pear & Freesia fruity and floral with citrussy undertones  in soft green wax, lime green mica, and sprinkles.

Grapefruit & Lemon....  just as it says orangey lemon wax with bronze mica powders and inclusions.

Blueberry Muffin : tangy blueberry scented with a sweet hint of  vanilla and cake, coloured  royal blue with sprinkles and natural coloured wax and micas.

Lavender, ..pure fresh and earthy lilac mica and natural wax with real lavender bud inclusions and purple glitter

Pink Bubblegum... a reminder of summery fun and days playing out till it got dark pink mica, with pink wax and inclusions, glitters etc.

Black leather: earthy masculine, musky and leathery in black wax and silver mica with black glitter and inclusions.

Jasmine & Ruby:  fresh laundry, line dried with strong jasmine overtones, deep red wax, red glitters and red mica

White tea,: fresh light  hints of tangy citrus, and soft tea, natural wax silver glitters white mica powders.

Aqua blossom & Coral, : fresh out doorsy,  sun cream and fresh air.. Peach wax, copper mica, glitter and inclusions.

Earth Angel : musky, earthy, heavy and sultry. Lilac wax, silver mica, sprinkles and glitters

Mountain Air: fresh clean cotton and outdoor freshness. sun dried laundry scents. powder blue wax, white mica, inclusions and glitter

Blue coral & sea salt. sunshine beaches salty air, suncream, and floral undertones... think a walk on the promenade through flower beds , aqua mica, turquoise wax and glitter

Velvet peony & Oud, heady florals, deep amber notes, seduction, and lust...dark purple mica, purple wax glitter, gemstones etc.

Millionaire: Paco Rabanne dupe of million. musky male, caramels and citrus. natural wax with gold mica glitters and inclusions

Les Folies, Coco Chanel mademoiselle dupe.. floral light fresh and flirty. pink wax lilac mica, sprinkles and inclusions. 

One: CK1 dupe, citrus scents bergamot, lime mandarin fresh and light.  natural wax, white mica orange and yellow sprinkles & inclusions.

Blossoms & spring rain, delicate and light, floral notes and ozone, aqua wax with lilac mica inclusions and glitter

Fresh cut flowers, greenery and florals crushed petals and stems, green mica and pink wax with inclusions and glitters

Dark plum, & Rhubarb... zingy fruity  very plummy and very rhubarby.. dark purple wax  with pink and green mica, sprinkles and inclusions

Lemongrass & ginger...,  soft lemon and fiery ginger in gilded mica and pale lemon wax with  copper glitters and micro beads

Lime, basil & mandarin, subtle  citrus fragrances with the earthy tang of basil. light orange wax with pale lime mica  genuine  dried Mandarin peel inclusions and glitters.

Christmas spice. cinnamon oranges, clove nutmeg.. all things christmassy in dark red wax with gold mica, green red and gold glitter

Enigma: This is a delightful scent, somewhere between JPG and Earth Angel, not quite as lemony as the former and not as musky as the latter  a more subtle fresher scent than either, coloured with soft aqua wax and bronze mica, turquoise glitter and sprinkles are included,

Witches Brew. think the witch in Hansel & Gretel. sweet caramel, vanilla wafers and chocolate, this is a very strong scent and a little goes a long way, coloured with black and purple waxes enhanced with pink mica, sprinkled with glitters in pink purple and blacks,

Coconut Cream: fresh scented coconut mingles with a subtle vanilla scent, think sun cream and beaches, coloured with dark brown wax and white mica, silver gold and black glitter.

Limeflower & Fig: this is a fresh and fruity scent, with a subtle earthy tang,  coloured with strong fuchsia wax, and lime green mica, lime and pink glitters,

Black Opium, OMG this is divine, one of the strongest scents yet, coloured and named for the fragrance of the same name, black wax and pink mica with black sprinkles etc.. this also reminds me very strongly of  sugared blossoms (Yankee Candles)

Tobacco & Oak, this is a very subtle scent, not as strong as some of the other but delightful all the same, think a gentleman's study or dressing room, coloured with Orange wax and light bronze mica which darkens on melt, orange glitters and neon sprinkles.

Seaweed & Juniper,  think of a gin and tonic on a cooler day by the beach the tang of the salt and the fresh earthy-ness of the sea weed mix with he fresh sharpness of juniper, coloured with blue mica and wax to represent the fresh juniper berries, dark green wax represents the seaweed,, mixed with green sprinkles and glitters,

Festive fir, the fresh tang of pine and and a cold fresh out door day make this reminiscent of  a snowy day, coloured dark green with gold glitters and white mica in the wax.

 Cherry Bakewell: almond marzipan and tangy cherry scents burst forth from this creamy mica filled wax with red cherry additions glitters and red wax and micas,

Plum Rose & Patchouli: earthy yet floral hints of roses waft through the heady scents of patchouli. coloured with peachy pink wax and soft pink mica infused wax it has glitters in all shapes of dark colours.

Summer Breeze: a zoflora inspired scent with fresh floral tones, coloured with turquoise mica, and yellow wax with fresh looking inclusions and glitters,

Ethereal (Alien):  this is a Thierry mugler fragrance inspired scent, musky and lilac heavy scented. coloured with deep purple wax and fuchsia waxes and micas lots of glitter.

Mulberry & Thyme: (molton brown type) a glorious earthy scent which fills the room subtly, coloured with plummy purple wax and fresh green waxes and micas, lots of glitters and sprinkles....

Daisy,Daisy,: fresh and floral a dupe of Marc Jacobs Daisy, white green and yellow waxes, micas sprinkles and glitters,

Relax: a dupe of the popular traditional bath soak Radox, natural wax, white mica, turquoise, blue and silver glitters.

Glorious Soap : a dupe of soap & glory, coloured with pink  and blue micas sprinkles and glitters,

Sweet Orange:  delicately scented with a sherberty orange scent, coloured with pale orange wax and decorated with bright orange glitters and sprinkles and deep orange glitter,

Mystical : a soft subtle gentle scent somewhat reminiscent of gentleman's cologne, hints of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and citrus... natural wax with flicks of mica in purple, green and lilac, blue and green glitters. 

Siyah Nar :  this is the first of 2 Pomegranate Noir dupes  Jo Malone types, Siyah Nar is Turkish for black pomegranate.. lighter and more delicate with a subtle scent of sandalwood and cedar with back citrussy notes this is a lighter subtle fragrance  coloured with hot pink wax and black wax with black mica sprinkles in blacks and red.

Melagrano Nero: our 2nd pomegranate noir dupe... coloured with plum mica and creamy wax. with red and fuchsia sprinkles, much stronger, filled with cedar and patchouli notes, sandalwood  and a sharper tang of pine resin... this is very strong giving a lasting scent.

Cranberry & fig, soft white wax with green mica and vibrant pink and red sprinkles this scent is tangy and fruity almost makes your mouth water,

Autumn Spices : gingerbread and nutmeg, cardamom, think bonfires warm jumpers and crisp leaves, spiced latte, and days drawing in.   brown and coral waxes with mica, dusted with gold mica and glitters,

Gin & tonic, white wax with lime green and yellow glitters and frosty mica, this is a subtle scent with the tang of juniper and sweet lemons.

Pineapple & Watermelon, the sharp tang of fruity pineapple mixes with the sweeter  cleaner watery scent of the watermelon giving this a summery tropical tang, coloured with bright yellow mica and natural wax, sprinkled with bright red and green glitters and further dusted with yellow mica.

White Musk: delicately scented with a glorious fresh musk scent, ( white musk is the name given for chemically created musk) ( real musk comes from sex,scent glands of animals is earthy and dusky very expensive and strictly regulated) coloured with pearly mica and natural wax, dusted with pink and lilac mica, and sprinkles.

Pure Love:  white pearl mica, mixes with natural wax with iridescent silver glitter and transparent iridescent hearts this is a delicate floral scent , warm and powdery, think new baby and wet wipes and that pure newness smell.

Cassis & Fig:  sharp tangy fig merges with sweet earthy blackcurrant giving a late summer scent, fruity and rich, this snap bar is coloured with purple wax, shimmering white mica, with iridescent and hot pink glitters and copper leaf flakes,

Postage within the UK for this item is £2.. we can fit up to 5 bars in the box for one postage price, message us if you have any concerns. or if checkout adds more postage.

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All these fragrances are very strong and so far we've had over 9 to 24 hours burn time from them ( per chunk) so x 5 approx. 45 hours scent...to 150 hours approx and beyond...



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